All It Needed Was Some Coil Windings

After much car trouble lately, my Dad discovered my car didn’t need a new engine, just needed new coil windings. Little did we know that this on going problem took a small temporary fix. It seems my Dad has more of a problem with my 2002 Buick Century than I do. After this past weekend of car trouble, my Dad suggested that we go “car shopping”. Of course I squeeled and couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle purchased by my parents, but my Mom was not about to budge on that purchase. She stood firm with the answer “no”. *shoot*

My parents purchased my first car for me, which was the 2002 Buick Century I’m talking about. Although it may look like a “grandma’s car” I have had nothing but love for it. It rides smooth, haven’t had any major problems with it, and it’s pretty decent on gas mileage. What more could I ask? Sure, a new vehicle would be nice, who wouldn’t want a new car bought for them? But, I have to say, I’m not in need. The Buick does me just fine and I will drive it till it dies :)

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