Polaris Fourwheeler

FourwheelerWe just bought a new fourwheeler for our family and so far we are having so much fun with it. This is a Polaris Sportsman XP 850. We used to have a Polaris 550, but, of course, my husband wanted something bigger. At first I said no, because that was going to be way to much power for our son to drive, but after awhile he talked me into it.

We take our fourwheelers out to the ATV parks and go out and have a great time. It’s great family time and we camp out and just spend time with friends and family. Almost all of our family friends have either a fourwheeler, Ranger, or RZR. We spend the Fourth of July and Memorial Day weekend out at the atv parks, camping out and just relaxing and enjoying things we all love. It’s so much and definitely worth it. Yes, these are not cheap but if it’s something your family enjoys and brings you to spend time together, it is definitely worth the money.

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