Tailgating Season

yetiThis is what I got my boyfriend for tailgating season. This Yeti Cooler is not the cheapest cooler in the world, but apparently this is the best of the best coolers. Since my boyfriend does so much for me I thought he is worth it and he’s always wanted one, since his best friend has one now. You know men, always want to out do someone.

To me I honestly don’t understand, a cooler is a cooler, but what do I know. I guess this cooler keeps everything cold so much longer and it has twice the insulation. We are big on tailgating, it’s how we spend almost all the end of Summer to all the way into Winter. The people are just so amazing and fun to hang out with, and it’s a plus to be around people that love what you love. You meet new people everywhere you go, there’s fun competition, and no matter where you are at it’s always a good family fun time.

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