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A Weekend Full of Baseball, Sportscards, Grilling and More!

  For once, I have the weekend off of work. I am so excited! I love I have three whole days to do whatever I want to. My husband and son are SUPER excited as well because there are a ton of MLB games on TV. They have a printed out schedule so they can […]

Topps Baseball Cards are a Home Run!

Hit a home run this year with Topps Baseball Cards. Yes, Spring is here…..or as we like to call it lately Sprinter! A little Spring mixed with a lot of Winter. The weather that we have been having has been more like winter weather. I had a couple of friends that had tickets to the […]

Baseball Season is Here Along With 2013 Topps Baseball Cards

I’m usually not the biggest fan of baseball but there is something about it that screams Spring, and that has me on board. Just a little side note: Spring is 9 days away from today! However, Spring is hard for me to envision considering my area got dumped with 5 inches of snow last night. […]