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Polaris Fourwheeler

We just bought a new fourwheeler for our family and so far we are having so much fun with it. This is a Polaris Sportsman XP 850. We used to have a Polaris 550, but, of course, my husband wanted something bigger. At first I said no, because that was going to be way to […]

All It Needed Was Some Coil Windings

After much car trouble lately, my Dad discovered my car didn’t need a new engine, just needed new coil windings. Little did we know that this on going problem took a small temporary fix. It seems my Dad has more of a problem with my 2002 Buick Century than I do. After this past weekend […]

Your Cars Coil Windings

Does your car have a vibration to it as you are going down the road? I know when I was growing up my first little pick up truck did, my dad swore it was my driving, but I always knew different. Although that little truck was a gem, and lasted me for 7 years. Of […]

Great Birthday Surprise

For my son’s birthday I bought him a new dirt bike.He was getting to big for his other one and it was time for an upgrade.He couldn’t believe his eyes when I brought it out for him.He loves it and I’m so glad.He loves that thing more than me sometimes.He takes such good care of […]

Ford Racing 7.5″ 28 Spline Traction

You may have added every power adder available to your V6 Pony, but those one wheel burn outs just aren’t cutting it. You need to step up to a Ford Racing 7.5″ 28 Spline Traction-LOK Limited Slip Differential from AmericanMuscle. A Limited Slip Differential sometimes referred to as a “Posi” will allow both rear wheels […]