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Tailgating Season

This is what I got my boyfriend for tailgating season. This Yeti Cooler is not the cheapest cooler in the world, but apparently this is the best of the best coolers. Since my boyfriend does so much for me I thought he is worth it and he’s always wanted one, since his best friend has […]

Great Father’s Day Gift

This is the gift my girls wanted to get there dad for Father’s Day. The grill is a  5-burner outdoor gas grill. We are always cooking outside and having family and friends over for big cookouts and I think he will love this. It has stainless steel cooking grates  and built in halogen lights and […]

Notebook Flask

This was just a gag gift one of my good friends received for his birthday. He is such a nerd and is always writing. I thought it was a perfect gift. It made everyone laugh. It’s a flask that looks like a notebook, and you can even write “who the flask belongs to.” I thought […]

Gifts for a Boyfriend

What would you get your boyfriend for his birthday?I suck at giving presents and I need some ideas.Anything will help me!

Beer Bottle and Can Opener Case

My husband loves this new case I got him.It has a bottle opener on the phone case!He loves to take it out and show his friends and he uses it whenever he can get the chance.He thinks it’s the coolest thing and everyone gets a kick out of it.