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Truck Accessories

I got these mud flaps online and I am very happy with them. I get all of my boyfriends truck accessories from one place called Real Truck. They have great quality in everything I have gotten from the exterior to the interior. It’s at a reasonable price and me and my boyfriend are happy with […]

Great Father’s Day Gift

This is the gift my girls wanted to get there dad for Father’s Day. The grill is a  5-burner outdoor gas grill. We are always cooking outside and having family and friends over for big cookouts and I think he will love this. It has stainless steel cooking grates  and built in halogen lights and […]

Notebook Flask

This was just a gag gift one of my good friends received for his birthday. He is such a nerd and is always writing. I thought it was a perfect gift. It made everyone laugh. It’s a flask that looks like a notebook, and you can even write “who the flask belongs to.” I thought […]

Gifts for a Boyfriend

What would you get your boyfriend for his birthday?I suck at giving presents and I need some ideas.Anything will help me!

Pool Table!

Me and my boyfriend just moved into a new house,so for a house present to him,I bought him a pool table and he loves it! He is making a “man cave” so I thought it would be perfect for him and his buddies down there.