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Tailgating Season

This is what I got my boyfriend for tailgating season. This Yeti Cooler is not the cheapest cooler in the world, but apparently this is the best of the best coolers. Since my boyfriend does so much for me I thought he is worth it and he’s always wanted one, since his best friend has […]

Polaris Fourwheeler

We just bought a new fourwheeler for our family and so far we are having so much fun with it. This is a Polaris Sportsman XP 850. We used to have a Polaris 550, but, of course, my husband wanted something bigger. At first I said no, because that was going to be way to […]

Duck Dynasty

My family is crazy about Duck Dynasty. I finally bought season two online and we just got it in this morning. I know where to find my husband and kids for the next three days. I normally would not like my family watching tv all the much, but I really do like this tv show. […]

Spring snow goose

So as I was messing around on the Internet, in particular Craigslist. I was going through the sporting section. And as I was I saw that there were guided snow goose hunts in south dakota. I love waterfowl hunting, and going on a guided hunt with my buddies would probably be one of the best […]

Duck boat

If you guys didn’t know by now, I’m absolutely obsessed with duck hunting. I love every aspect about it. I think about it all day long, and always want to find new gear to use for it. I think my art teacher hates me by now, because I bombard her with questions about waterfowl hunting […]