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Duck Dynasty

My family is crazy about Duck Dynasty. I finally bought season two online and we just got it in this morning. I know where to find my husband and kids for the next three days. I normally would not like my family watching tv all the much, but I really do like this tv show. […]

Help Out and Find Your Glasses

Me and my brother got this for our grandpa.  It’s a glasses holder so you don’t loose them. I think every parent and grandparent should have something like this. I mean really, how many times a day do you  hear, “have you seen my glasses?” or “do you know where my glasses are?”. In my […]

Gifts for a Boyfriend

What would you get your boyfriend for his birthday?I suck at giving presents and I need some ideas.Anything will help me!

Fun Shower Accessories

My son thinks this is the coolest thing to have in his bathroom.Green shower gel comes out of it and he just laughs and laughs everytime.I like it because now he actually loves taking a shower now and will actually wash his body of too!

Conan O’Brien – Class Act

Well, I watched the final Tonight Show with Conan, and I must say I sam impressed with how he carried himself that night.  He came out and made his cracks against NBC, justifiably so, and went through his show like normal.  What impressed me most was his farewell. He was thankful to NBC for all of […]