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Help Out and Find Your Glasses

Me and my brother got this for our grandpa.  It’s a glasses holder so you don’t loose them. I think every parent and grandparent should have something like this. I mean really, how many times a day do you  hear, “have you seen my glasses?” or “do you know where my glasses are?”. In my […]

Crazy Torch

This is such a cool lighter/torch. My boyfriend ordered one online, which I don’t know why he needed it but it is actually pretty cool. When he showed me where he got it he read this to me, “Handmade from reclaimed fuel and water canisters used by the army from WWII through the Vietnam War.” […]

Great Cologne

My husband loves the cologne “BANG” by Marc Jacobs. It’s what he has worn since I first met him and I love it. I remember once I try to buy him some new cologne, and when he wore it, I didn’t like it anymore, because I was so use to his old cologne. I can’t […] has some really, REALLY neat stuff. I can think of many scenarios where their fog machines and lava lamps would be perfect: dorm rooms, a teenager’s room, even my three year old daughter’s room (well, the lava lamp). A fog machine is a great thing to have at parties, particularly themed and Halloween parties. […]