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Black Friday sales?

Are you going to the Black Friday sales?? I am really not into all the Black Friday deals, but my friend has asked me to go with him to a few different sales. Since I am off that day, I figured why not. I wanted to go into BestBuy and check out some netbooks and […]

USB 8GB Flash Drive Lighter

I seen this product on the ThinkGeek.Com website and I really like it. I like how it is a real life lighter and USB. I could really see myself using this daily. I would put it in my pocket and use it everyday. According to ThinkGeek.Com website, they say: Electronics and fire have never been […]

Christmas Thinking

I need to start getting some Christmas ideas going for my son and husband.I procrastinate all the time when it comes to getting gifts,so getting some ideas may help me. What are some new “guy” things out there that they should have!

Sound System

We bought our son a sound system for his pickup.He has wanted one for a while now,and he hasn’t been a problem lately so we thought he deserved it. He loves it,but now we can always tell he is coming home,because we can hear him from a mile away it seems like.

Travel Alarm Clock

My husband travels with is own personal alarm clock. It has the time, month and date, and even shows you the temperature.He is always worried he won’t wake up for his business meeting with any other alarm clock than his.