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Tailgating Season

This is what I got my boyfriend for tailgating season. This Yeti Cooler is not the cheapest cooler in the world, but apparently this is the best of the best coolers. Since my boyfriend does so much for me I thought he is worth it and he’s always wanted one, since his best friend has […]

Bow Fishing Is For The Manliest of Men

If you’re a huge hunter like me and love bow hunting, but have nothing to do in the spring and summer, well I got a very fun sport for you. Bow fishing is a great way to get some bow skills in the summer. It also helps manage the rough fish population, such as dogfish […]

Go pro

Go pro cameras are cameras that can be mounted on practically everything. On the bottom of your skateboard, the visor of your helmet or under your gun. To pro cameras allow recording videos from angles that couldn’t be seen by the viewer before. Go pro cameras are virtually indestructible too. They record for hours, while […]