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The Prodigal Blogger is Back!

Apparently, Blogger did some updates and i was booted from this roll! So sad for me… but now I’m back! Since I’ve been gone, I have temporarily relocated to San Francisco!Umm… I grew a beard, got my first tattoo!! (no one will believe this!) Unfortunately, I really miss playing golf. Since I really had no […]

Drivers Ahead of the Game..

Check this out! I don’t think Golf Equipment could get any high tech! I wonder if Tiger Woods uses one of these to improve his game? Its the new new geometry mens drivers. Complete with aerodynamic side slots and titanium sole! I play with the normal old driver…and, thinking I may have to step it […]

One of my favorite sports…

… is kind of a pain to play. That sport is golf. But, there are a lot of setbacks to the sport! There’s the high cost of golf equipment, the cost of green fees, the crowds… but probably the biggest setback is the game’s dependence on the weather! You can’t really play in the rain […]

Tee It Up!

Hobbies turn into obsessions once you get your hands on a good set of golf clubs. Yes, I’m talking about golf. Most of my golf equipment is brand spankin’ new, and since I’m living in a state with more golf courses than public schools it’s time I improve. Good golf equipment can almost save your […]