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All It Needed Was Some Coil Windings

After much car trouble lately, my Dad discovered my car didn’t need a new engine, just needed new coil windings. Little did we know that this on going problem took a small temporary fix. It seems my Dad has more of a problem with my 2002 Buick Century than I do. After this past weekend […]

Baseball Season is Here Along With 2013 Topps Baseball Cards

I’m usually not the biggest fan of baseball but there is something about it that screams Spring, and that has me on board. Just a little side note: Spring is 9 days away from today! However, Spring is hard for me to envision considering my area got dumped with 5 inches of snow last night. […]

Spring snow goose

So as I was messing around on the Internet, in particular Craigslist. I was going through the sporting section. And as I was I saw that there were guided snow goose hunts in south dakota. I love waterfowl hunting, and going on a guided hunt with my buddies would probably be one of the best […]

Tis the Season For Basketball Trading Cards & Hockey!

In the world of sports, basketball and hockey are in season. I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of basketball, but my buddy is obsessed basketball trading cards, so I guess I’m kind of forced to watch it. I did create a fantasy basketball league this year just because so I’m hoping I at […]

Carhart Clothing

If you are an avid outdoors-man like myself, enjoyable to work outside in the grueling weather, you probably have heard of  carhartt.  from negative degree weather, battling wind and dealing with mother natures crap gets old, fast. But I don’t have that problem anymore due to my carhart coat, and overalls. I really love all of carhartts […]