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Truck Accessories

I got these mud flaps online and I am very happy with them. I get all of my boyfriends truck accessories from one place called Real Truck. They have great quality in everything I have gotten from the exterior to the interior. It’s at a reasonable price and me and my boyfriend are happy with […]

Drivers Ahead of the Game..

Check this out! I don’t think Golf Equipment could get any high tech! I wonder if Tiger Woods uses one of these to improve his game? Its the new new geometry mens drivers. Complete with aerodynamic side slots and titanium sole! I play with the normal old driver…and, thinking I may have to step it […]

I wasn’t done…

Also, (with regard to golf) what’s the deal with golf apparel? Why do i have to wear a collared shirt when I play? Collars are for dressing up, not for athletics! pssh… it’s even worse for tennis! do you ever see the women’s singles and Serena’s got on these necklaces and big hooped earrings? How […]