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Christmas gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and I am making my list and checking it twice. I have a few people to buy for this year. I am searching for a cute little ornate wedding rings that looks real for my niece. She likes to play dress up and love rings and pretends to play […]

Metal Detector

I bought this metal detector for my son. I use to go out looking  for things with my dad all the time and we would always have a blast.I hope my son loves it and it’s a experience for both of us to get to know each other better and spend time with each other.

Blue Faucet Light

  We installed this into our bathroom for at night,and it looks really cool! A light shines down from the faucet and it turns the water into a really cool,Tropical blue, color.It’s fun and now the kids always want to use our bathroom,so we have to get one for them now too.

Guinness record

OK, what is the benefit to being a world record holder? In today’s world where the novel idea of these records is eclipsed by the internet, does the Guinness book of records hold any value? I don’t wish this newest record holder wrong, but how is his life better for Guinness singling him out like […]

Good Going, Jerry

His comments about Lindsey Lohan aside, I say “thanks” to Jerry Lewis for what he has done and continues to do for MD patients. His annual Labor Day telethon once again pulled in a hefty sum for the charity. I don’t suffer from the disease not do I have a family member who does, it’s […]