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Baseball Season is Here Along With 2013 Topps Baseball Cards

I’m usually not the biggest fan of baseball but there is something about it that screams Spring, and that has me on board. Just a little side note: Spring is 9 days away from today! However, Spring is hard for me to envision considering my area got dumped with 5 inches of snow last night. […]

This is why the Pro Bowl is worthless

The AFC won the first ever pre-Super Bowl Pro Bowl 41-34. In a game where everyone tries to avoid injury, long runs and high scores are the name of the game. Football is a hard contact sport, where injury is likely on any play. One misstep, one awkward hit can ruin a player’s night, year […]

Big Mac ‘Roid Attack

Well, from the department of “News that should shock no one” comes the revelation that Mark McGwire, St. Louis homerun king of the 1990’s, used illegal steroids.  With Matt lauer last night, Big Mac said he used steroids to maintain his health during his career.  Right. I have two issues with this.  One, taking steroids is […]

Farewell to the Unit

Randy Johnson, dominant left-handed pitcher nicknamed “the Unit”, announced his retirement yesterday after 22 seasons.  It’s a little weird to think about baseball now, even though pitchers and catchers report next month.  It’s even weirder still to think about baseball without Johnson.  I have so many highlights in my memory: the exploding bird, the mullet when […]

Baseball is lacking this year!

Yup, I’m still not getting into baseball this year. I think all of the roids issues and the capless cap have really done me in for baseball. I’m saddened as all of my peers at work do nothing but talk about their teams and I’m quietly waiting for the NFL season to get started again. […]