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I Could Use New MMA Gear!

I am a fan of MMA and just taking a look in my closet, I see I am low on mixed martial arts clothing and this is just not acceptable!  I need to get myself the latest MMA gear.  I want to get a new Chuck Liddell shirt,  the ‘Sinister’ Brand shirt – it’s a […]

Faber vs. Brown for the MMA Win

I must admit, I was a bit surprised that Brown won the recent featherweight title bout against Faber.  I thought it would be close but I was definitely leaning Faber because I just thought although Brown has a slight power advantage, Faber had better technique but boy was I wrong.  Brown destroyed Faber quickly as […]

I know you know about my debutante!

DISCLAIMER: None of the following will be of any interest to anyone under any circumstance; read at your own risk. …Listening to Bob Dylan… Anyways, Here’s my situation. I’m subletting a small studio apartment in the heart of San Francisco from a friend of mine. Since we’re friends, she’s slowly but surely moving her stuff […]