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What a great fight! Hope you didn’t miss it!

Wow that was a crazy fight! Quinton and Keith went after it. I spilled Coke and salsa all over my Jardine shirt which wasnt cool becuae I try to take care of my MMA gear. It’s staned so now I need to get another one. Ayway, that’s off tpic. I hoped everyone who spent the […]

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Vs. Keith Jardine

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Vs. Keith Jardine! Break out your MMA gear folks, it’s going to be the fiht of the year! Quinton is on the edge of sanity and Keith is a rising star in the sport. I gurentee it, this will be one fight you won’t want to miss and it’s just a few […]

UFC set to release video game

Along with thier massive line of MMA fighter gear, apparel and pay per views, the UFC is venturing into the world of video games and I for one am super excited about it. Apparently it is scheduled to be out in the spring so get ready, it won’t be long. The trailor for the game […]

Faber vs. Brown for the MMA Win

I must admit, I was a bit surprised that Brown won the recent featherweight title bout against Faber.  I thought it would be close but I was definitely leaning Faber because I just thought although Brown has a slight power advantage, Faber had better technique but boy was I wrong.  Brown destroyed Faber quickly as […]