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CD Birthday Present

This was a a great birthday present to my nephew. He loves listening to music and he loves his Eric Church. You can’t go wrong giving a CD or and Itunes gift card to anyone. I am planning on taking him to an Eric Church concert sometime soon hopefully and I know he will have […]

Sound System

We bought our son a sound system for his pickup.He has wanted one for a while now,and he hasn’t been a problem lately so we thought he deserved it. He loves it,but now we can always tell he is coming home,because we can hear him from a mile away it seems like.

Say it ain’t so lars!

So, after the music business decides to stop litigating against helpless minors for downloading music on their computers for free it comes to light that Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame has illegally downloaded his own music on his home computer stating that he has a right to do so. Now, I think to myself. If […]