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Another boring NBA season!

LA. Lakers Vs The Orlando Magic! Wow, exciting… not really. The games biggest star is now on a few month vacation and Cleveland blows yet another run at a championship while LA and Orlando go for it again. Exciting! Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? Maybe someday the NBA will get on board […]

Anyone watching the NBA playoffs?

The NBA playoffs are in full swing! Is anyone watching? With the economy in such a slump it would seem likely that people are turning to sports, movies and music to make them feel better. Traditionally Hollywood has been recession proof but recently there has been a noticeable slump in ticket sales. I was wondering […]

Now that the Datona 500 is over

Now that it’s over has anyone really been following it? The new point NASCAR (okay, not really new anyore) structure has me a bit baffled and I guess I’m old school but I’ve been having trouble following it this year. With theĀ  NBA in full swing it’s been more interesting to me. Maybe once it […]