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It’s the NHL Playoffs!

After much speculation of an NHL season even being possible, we are winding down a short season. The 4 remaining teams are the last 4 teams to win the Stanley cup. Last 4 teams include: Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Los Angeles Kings. The two favorites remaining to win the Stanley […]

Interesting Thoughts About Linear Ball Bush Bearings

Lately I have been interested in the mechanics and parts it takes to create items for big names such as: Apple, NASA, and Boeing. I looked into it and one big component in may items is linear ball bush bearings. Linear ball bush bearings are available in inch or metric and come in nine different […]

Book Spoilers

I don’t know with what I have a bigger problem. These guys select 50 books and reveal the biggest plot twist in less than 4 minutes. Or the fact that the original poster said all the books listed are classics of literature. Now, the majority of them are staples of an intellectual library, but the […]