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Tailgating Season

This is what I got my boyfriend for tailgating season. This Yeti Cooler is not the cheapest cooler in the world, but apparently this is the best of the best coolers. Since my boyfriend does so much for me I thought he is worth it and he’s always wanted one, since his best friend has […]

Superbowl Sunday, Pizza, Beer, and Organizing Upper Deck Baseball Cards Collection

This Sunday February 3 marks Superbowl Sunday in New Orleans! Who will be watching? Although I don’t really care who wins I will be watching the game and of course the commercials. This Superbowl is said to bring in about $500 million dollars to the city of New Orleans!! Can you believe how much money […]

Playoffs and trading cards baby!

   If you didn’t know by now, I’m from Minnesota. And I’m a pretty big fan of the Vikings and have a few of their trading cards. And tonight is there big playoff game against the Green Bay packers. Sadly we are playing without Christian Ponder. But our back up, Joe Webb will be Interesting to […]

Can’t Go Wrong With A Hat

“When in doubt for a birthday present, always go with sports.” This was some very useful advice I got from my sister. I am terrible at picking out gifts for guys, but she told me her little secret and since then I always have the perfect gift. If you have some one who is in […]

Gifts for a Boyfriend

What would you get your boyfriend for his birthday?I suck at giving presents and I need some ideas.Anything will help me!