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Football Season Has Arrived!

Monday nights are definitely football nights in our house. My husband has got into the whole Fantasy Football League and, now every time I walk in the living room he is all decked out in his NFL Apparel, at the edge of his recliner and a game is blaring. I don’t mind, I actually sit […]

Good Luck Jerseys?

There is no better way to go all out at a football game that sporting the official nfl jerseys that you see all dedicated sports fans out there! I wouldn’t mind having a few for myself and, buddies! I think that if I wore one of these maybe I would have a better chance of […]

NFL Jerseys I Would Actually Wear!

Okay, if I were to buy nfl jerseys, this is the one I would wear. Sure, this guy Leinart is every where in the media, and, he doesnt need anymore advertising, but, I like the guy. He actually can play a good game so, I will show my enthusiasm at any given game wearing an […]