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Yet Another Project Up My Sleeve!

This little project I’m endeavoring on is mostly because, I cant seem to grow anything outside. I did a little research and, with the help of the grow lights I found, I feel more confident. I just wanted to try out my green thumb. Some fresh herbs, and vegetables would be cool to try out […]

I’ve got an announcement!

I just put all new residential lighting in my house and it totally changed everything! By simply adding some new shades of ambient light to my home, I’ve completely revitalized the atmosphere! I picked up everything at Access Discounts and was amazed with their selection (and prices!) of residential lighting!

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I love designer sunglasses! Especially the knockoffs, so I can afford multiple pairs! Plus, they protect my retinas from residential lighting that can get be a tad bright sometimes!

As Suggested…

So I needed a flood light and went to check out as suggested and this is what I found… Fancy that, exactly what I was looking for, a flood light! There selection though I must say is fantastic. Their residential lighting selection is my favorite. This site is definitely worth visiting.

Let there be light!

I found this great website for commercial lighting and residential lighting… it’s called “” They carry any kind of light you’d ever need, even grow lights for your garden! How classy!