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If you guys are too cheap to pay for cable, or just love watching your favorites tv shows at any time. Then you will love netflix. Netflix has almost every movie and tv show you could possibly think of. I’ve had netflix for about a year now and I love it. It’s a great way […]

iPhone case

So if you have an iPhone it is a must to have a case. But what case should you choose? Depending on what you do you should choose a case according to that. Such as if you just want straight protection, and otterbox would web your best choice. Or you could get a waterproof one, […]

Interesting Thoughts About Linear Ball Bush Bearings

Lately I have been interested in the mechanics and parts it takes to create items for big names such as: Apple, NASA, and Boeing. I looked into it and one big component in may items is linear ball bush bearings. Linear ball bush bearings are available in inch or metric and come in nine different […]