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Duck Dynasty

My family is crazy about Duck Dynasty. I finally bought season two online and we just got it in this morning. I know where to find my husband and kids for the next three days. I normally would not like my family watching tv all the much, but I really do like this tv show. […]


If you guys are too cheap to pay for cable, or just love watching your favorites tv shows at any time. Then you will love netflix. Netflix has almost every movie and tv show you could possibly think of. I’ve had netflix for about a year now and I love it. It’s a great way […]

Wii Games!

I bought my husband the Wii hunting game and he and my boys play it all the time.They have a blast together.We all have so much fun playing all of the games,and it’s a great way to get active when the weather is bad out!

Remote Bottle Opener

We got this universal remote with a bottle opener on it and surprisingly it has come in handy.We are always loosing our bottle openers and now we will always have one on hand while watching the big game or just having a relaxing night alone.


Despite the tragedy of the luger from Georgia, the Olympics have continued with great events and competition. And as of right now, the US leads the medal total with 6 while Germany is next with 4. We have 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Hopefully, there’s more to come.