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One of these days

In April of 2004, I realized that my engagement ring was cracked. Specifically, the band at the very bottom, at its thinnest part, had cracked through entirely. I made plans that week to call up a jeweler to find out how much it would cost to have the ring repaired, but I never got around […]

What Would a Guy Rather Have?

Why is it that every time our anniversary comes around, I never really know what to get my husband? We are going on eleven years of marriage so, you would think I would know him by now! I have been looking at some really cool titanium rings in black. If you were a guy how […]

Black Titanium

The newest fashion for men! Black titanium rings. Style doesn’t get any better than this. These titanium rings are fashionable and will hold up for a life time. Take your style to the next level, don’t just settle for ordinary titanium. Go for the rich look of black titanium!