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Truck Accessories

I got these mud flaps online and I am very happy with them. I get all of my boyfriends truck accessories from one place called Real Truck. They have great quality in everything I have gotten from the exterior to the interior. It’s at a reasonable price and me and my boyfriend are happy with […]

The Latest Vehicle … Needs Stators ASAP

  I finally just graduated College and have moved home for the Summer, yes my parent’s home. It’s unfortunate but I’m going to take advantage of free rent, groceries and dinners until I can save up some money to live on my own. I just got in last evening to find 2 more vehicles at […]

Heading Up North

I’m going to be heading up north to ride a snowmobile for the first time and I’ll be visiting for a few days but I will update you all on how its going.  Wish me luck, but don’t say ‘Break a Leg!”