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Big Country!

Yes, Big Country won the Ultimate Fighter. Let’s forget that two out of his three fights in the house he simply sat his Jello butt on his opponent and suffocated them. The live Pay per view fight was convincing with a first round knock out.  I’ve never been a big fan of heavy weights but […]

BTW, Kimbo, what’s up?

I forgot to mention this yesterday. Kimbo should get the “boring fight of the year” award for his Live showing on the Ultimate Fighter finale. I’m not one to yell at the TV but I was yelling that night. Seriously, for anyone who saw that fight, I apologize on behalf of everyone because it SUCKED! […]

Tito got his!

I’d like to thank Forest personally for showing the world what a little baby girl Tito is. After he got beat by decision he went on a tirade about how hurt he was and how it want his fault he got beat. He just kept saying he thought he had won the fight. Well, guess […]

Brock Lesnar is very ill

When he was the “next big thing” I really liked him. When he pussed out and left the WWE because he didn’t like being hurt every night I sort of thought he was a tool. When he was practically given the UFC heavyweight belt after losing his first and only fight in the UFC I […]

Kimbo Slice gets sat on

For 10 freaking minutes! Seriously, this was the most hyped fight of UFC history and Roy Nelson sat on kimbo’s head for 10 minutes while he punched himself in his own boob until the ref called a stoppage.  This was just about enough to make me swear off the UFC! Dana, get your act together, […]