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Appreciate Her

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for five years. I couldn’t be more happy with him and we are so close together. He is a very busy person but he always finds time to make for me. Once a month he will do something for me so we can spend some relaxing one on […]

Every man needs a good tie set

Every man needs a good tie set. Like the Boston Traveler Turquoise Mens Tie Hanky Set from Target is a great way to get started. Doesn’t matter what your taste it. Target has a lot of different styled ties from you to choose from and most importantly they are priced just right!

Sound System

We bought our son a sound system for his pickup.He has wanted one for a while now,and he hasn’t been a problem lately so we thought he deserved it. He loves it,but now we can always tell he is coming home,because we can hear him from a mile away it seems like.

Blue Faucet Light

  We installed this into our bathroom for at night,and it looks really cool! A light shines down from the faucet and it turns the water into a really cool,Tropical blue, color.It’s fun and now the kids always want to use our bathroom,so we have to get one for them now too.

Beer Holster

I bought this for my husband when I was out on a trip.I saw it and right away I knew I had to get it for him.He loves it and laughed so hard when he saw it! He wears it all the time and especially when his boys are over.They all want one now!