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If you guys follow video games at all you have probably heard of the huge announcement Sony just made. They have released a new console for the playstation network, the playstation 4. Now I’m not a playstation owner, or fan. But the ps4 looks kind of badass. With a new controller, and a boat load […]

2010 video games

What is it with people wanting to close the year out so soon? Have we all had that bad of a year so far? decided to offer a best video games list of 2010 with just over three months left to go. Do they know something we don’t? Do the last three months not […]

The Beatles in Rockband

If you are like me you should be stoked that the Beatles have inked a deal with Rockband to be in the new video game. In the 60’s it was the British invasion that brought the Beatles to the forefront of pop culture and in the new millenium it will be video games that does […]