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I think I figured it out!

I have a buddy who have a couple of those Yamaha Rhinos and we went out the other day for a wilderness ride. We had a lot of fin but I just didn’t feel quite right after the ride. I’m starting to think that y back issue is related to that ride. I had a […]

ooops, time to make a phone call!

So in my anticipation for spring I called my buddy to go see if he wanted to do some of roading. he’s a big Yamaha fan and he has a couple of pikes and stuff and when we were out in the woods having a god time we heard”snap” and the trip was over and […]

Cool Article on Yamaha Rhinos

As you all know, I recently went for a ride on a Yamaha Rhino for the first time a few weeks back and it was a blast to say the least.  I guess it kind of put a little bug in the back of my head and I must confess that I’ve been thinking about […]