Appreciate Her

appreciate herMe and my boyfriend have been dating for five years. I couldn’t be more happy with him and we are so close together. He is a very busy person but he always finds time to make for me. Once a month he will do something for me so we can spend some relaxing one on one time together. I do alot for him and he does alot for me and it just shows that he appreciates me.

We go out to eat and get away for the weekend, he will take me to a spa, go to the movies, or takes me to get a pedicure and my hair done. It’s always something different and it just gives us time to spend together and reconnect when he is gone all the time. I really think we are closer than ever because of this. Our busy schedules combined make it hard for us to see each other and to just stop and enjoy each other. Appreciating one another will bring in your relationship. Not saying to do this once a week, but once or twice a month will make a difference. It makes her happy and hopefully you too. Even a gift card to her favorite place is something that will cheer her up.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty My family is crazy about Duck Dynasty. I finally bought season two online and we just got it in this morning. I know where to find my husband and kids for the next three days. I normally would not like my family watching tv all the much, but I really do like this tv show. It’s a great family show and it is so funny. I can not tell you how much my family laughs when we watch it.

This show is a great role model on how families should be. I’m not saying to be a close family you have to go out and hunt and pray all the time, but everyone can learn something from the Robinson family. I love how close they are and all the time they spend together. They have one or two activities that will always bring them close together. I don’t understand why people want this show removed. If you really don’t like it, why can’t you ignore it and not watch it on tv?

Truck Accessories

mud flapsI got these mud flaps online and I am very happy with them. I get all of my boyfriends truck accessories from one place called Real Truck. They have great quality in everything I have gotten from the exterior to the interior. It’s at a reasonable price and me and my boyfriend are happy with the products we have received so far.

My boyfriend kept complaining that he needed to get mud flaps for his truck. I really didn’t understand why and what was really the point of it. I tore one of his mud flaps off accidentally and now he will not let me forget about it. Finally I broke down and ordered some online. I put them on for him before he got home one night and it took TWO days for him to realize it!! Finally, when he did though, he was very happy and appreciative that he got them. I realize now when we take the long way home on the muddy roads they actually do keep your truck from getting more dirty and it saves from rocks flying all around under your tires too.

Great Father’s Day Gift

GrillThis is the gift my girls wanted to get there dad for Father’s Day. The grill is a  5-burner outdoor gas grill. We are always cooking outside and having family and friends over for big cookouts and I think he will love this. It has stainless steel cooking grates  and built in halogen lights and led control panel lights. The built in lights are one of my favorite things, because we have late night cookouts and I don’t know how many times we have had to put the meat back onto the grill,because he couldn’t tell if it was done or not.

My husband and his best friend like to have the best of the best, and are always trying to out do each other. I guess that must be a guy thing. His best friend is always making fun of his grill now, because it is little and it takes forever to get it started. I think my husband will be so happy to see this come out for Father’s Day on Sunday, and it’s even better that we are having a huge family cookout on Father’s Day so he will get to test it out right away.

The Latest Vehicle … Needs Stators ASAP

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I finally just graduated College and have moved home for the Summer, yes my parent’s home. It’s unfortunate but I’m going to take advantage of free rent, groceries and dinners until I can save up some money to live on my own. I just got in last evening to find 2 more vehicles at my parent’s home. It seems like every time I come home they have new vehicles, different projects going on around the house, or a new/different dog. Activities around here are never dull, there is always something going on.


My Mom, who has been pressing my Dad to get a Honda CRV for some time now, finally got what she has wished for. Her 2010 Honda CRV is in mint condition, and she is on cloud 9. My Dad on the other hand invested in a really old Ford Truck that he paid $200 for. No, that wasn’t a typo he really paid only $200. What he’s going to do with it? I have no idea. Looks like a pile of junk to me. But as they say, “someone’s trash is another man’s treasure”. All I know is my Dad has a lot of work ahead of himself, installing new stators, windshield wipers and repairing the engine so it can actually run.